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Eat More Cells

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Prepared to spend the next few minutes hours gaming? Try out

You are a cell and need to eat other cells to grow. The other cells are players too. You can press space to devide yourself into two parts. is somehow similar to Osmos - less beautiful but more social.

Mega Man X...

Posted on . a "mega" awesome game! Sad enough, that I didn't get in contact with it, when it first came out. Now I payed 5 bugs to play it on my iPhone.

Mega Man X

The touchscreen controls are a bit more unprecise for sure, but I got used to it after a short time. But even after several hours of playing I am still not that exact than I would be with a gamepad.

Unfortunately only very few publisher do rerelease their games in the Appstores. And even if they do: most of the games which find their way onto our smartphones are poorly implemented. Nevertheless, here is a short list of games I would love to play on an iPhone:

  • Harvest Moon
  • Earth Bound
  • Super Metroid
  • Earthworm Jim

There are few games among them which I missed when I was in the SNES age. I would love to catch up on them to complete my personal list of video game history :)

Which games would you like to see on your smartphone?

10.000 Days on Earth

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I recently read David Lang´s article "How My 10,000th Day
in the World Changed My Life
". I found it quite impressing how acquaintance with a single person and its idea can change a life. It made me think about my life and wondered how many days I already spent on this earth.

JS Bin

Living in one of the most privileged countries of the world, we have an average of 30.000 days to live. I´m 25 now, which means I´ve spent roughly 9200 days - which are gone forever. Basicly spend for education (which is good!). For "becoming an adult". So there are roughly 10.000 days left that I can spend in my full mental and physical capacities...

There’s something unique about measuring your life in days. For some reason, it makes life feel more finite.
- David Lang -

Not sure if it´s good to the mental health to quantify this part of your life. But I totally agree with David.
Nevertheless it´s never bad to recap and reflect.

Ghostly, an iOS App for Ghost

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The standard Ghost admin interface works quite well on mobile devices. I can do blog configurations, edit, create and delete articles. Everything looks good and works reliable. Everything, except image upload, which is not implemented yet, so you need to go the indirect way via PC.

Ghostly is a native iOS App which works with hosted, aswell as self-hosted Ghost blogs. It even allows moderation of Disqus comments!

Article Lists

Native Image Upload

Here is the added value in contrast to the webapp: it allows a native image upload. Take a picture, open Ghostly, upload, publish, done. Just as I like it!

Moderate Disqus

A second handy feature is the connection to Disqus. Once authorized via Disqus I can moderate all comments. No need for the Webinterface. Perfect!

Multiple Accounts

Ghostly allows to store credentials of multiple Ghost installations. Afterwards I can switch comfortably between those accounts.

Post Editor

In my opinion the app is with 2.99 € quite over the top. Sure, image upload and Disqus integration are two handy features. But except those it doesn't offer much more value than the webapp. Also the UI is still a bit stuttering, sometimes the Disqus part doesn't work as expected and the app resolution isn't yet compatible to current generation iPhones.

Nevertheless: currently Ghostly is the only way to publish your images on mobile devices. Therefore the price is somehow legit. Mobile upload of official Ghost is a "planned feature". By now I couldn't find any GitHub Issues regarding a final implementation.

Let's hope Ghostly will also support future versions of Ghost and doesn't end up as a hobby project.