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Appending images in ImageMagick

Since I need it from time to time...


$ convert +append 1.jpg 2.jpg horizontally.jpg


$ convert -append 1.jpg 2.jpg vertically.jpg

It's as simple as that.

Sublime Text - Column Selects

Very common task and an easy solution. Definitely worth to remember!

  • Ctrl+A - select all.
  • Ctrl+Shift+L - split selection into lines.
  • move cursors with left/right, select with Shift+left/right (or e.g. pos1/end)

Of course, Ctrl+Shift+L also works with specific selections:

Yesterday I had an awesome evening together with Pablo, a six pack of beer and the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta. Of course I recorded my first Jedi fight ;)

It turns out: the preorder was worth it. The beta alone is a blast!